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Break the Ice

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  • Debbie
    Look at how low those tree branches are! my neighbor shouted. That s going to come crashing down! It s stronger than you think, I said. Well, if it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2006
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      Look at how low those tree branches are!" my neighbor
      shouted. "That's going to come crashing down!"

      "It's stronger than you think," I said.

      "Well, if it doesn't break it will freeze to death," he replied.

      Every single branch of the tree was covered in ice. Although the sun
      was not shining through the clouds, the light danced on the
      branches. Tiny drops of water dripped ever so slowly down the
      outstretched arms of the mighty giant. Pausing along the way, they
      were suddenly captured in stillness until the sun could set them
      free once more.

      "I've seen that tree bent over so low it touched the ground. It's a
      sturdy old tree," I said.

      "Hmmm," he mumbled not exactly sure he agreed.

      "Besides, it has strong roots. It will be breaking the ice before
      the ice breaks it," I told him.

      I stopped. I stood there looking at him. It was an amazing moment
      for me.

      I've been frozen in place many times in my life. I have felt the
      weight of the challenges in my life dragging me down. I physically
      felt lower, slower, closer to the ground then when I was confident
      and stress free.

      I appeared to be lifeless, nearly broken. So why didn't I come
      crashing down?

      My roots. My roots are strong in my faith. My will to survive is
      strong. Even in the still, dark, cold of the winter of your life,
      know that if you have faith, you may bend, but you will not break.

      Faith will "Break the Ice" of fear.

      By Bob Perks
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