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Window of Opportunity

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  • Debbie
    What window needs fixing? the repairman snapped as beads of sweat rolled off his forehead. It was a hot, humid August day, and the last thing I needed was a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2005
      "What window needs fixing?" the repairman snapped as beads of sweat
      rolled off his forehead. It was a hot, humid August day, and the
      last thing I needed was a grouchy repairman.

      "Before I show you," I said, "let me clarify what I'd like to have
      done. I spoke to your supervisor, and she said you would inspect all
      my windows while you are here."

      "Look, lady, I drove around for two hours trying to find your house.
      Now I'm way behind schedule. I don't care what the main office told
      you, I don't have time to inspect all your windows."

      "But I've been waiting months for your company to send a repairman,"
      I said. "These windows are brand new, and some of them are
      scratched. I specifically asked to have a repairman look at all the
      new windows."

      "Well, I ain't gonna do it, lady," he huffed. "Now, show me the
      window I came to fix."

      "Fine," I thought to myself, as I showed him the broken
      window, "I'll fix you! After you leave, I'm going to write a
      scathing letter to your supervisor. Maybe you'll even lose your job.
      Good riddance! Who needs rude people like you to deal with?"

      Just then something inside my head seemed to say, "Jeanne, what do
      you think this man needs?"

      "I don't know, and I don't care," I answered.

      "Give him something to drink," the voice seemed to say. "It's hot.
      He got lost coming to your house. He's frustrated and tired. Offer
      him a pitcher of ice water."

      "I'll give him some water, but I'm still going to write that
      letter," I responded. Pushing aside my ruffled feathers, I went to
      the house and filled a pitcher with water and ice.

      "Would you like some ice water?" I asked, handing him a glass and
      the pitcher of water. I would have preferred to pour it over his

      "Yeah, thanks," he said as he gulped the water down.

      "Now, ask him if he'd like you to pick up some fast food for him
      when you run to the store," the voice inside my head seemed to
      say. "He probably hasn't had time to eat."

      "That's a little too much," I protested. But, reluctantly, I
      responded to the voice.

      "I have to return this video to the store and will be gone for just
      a few minutes," I told the repairman. "Can I get you anything to eat
      while I'm out? There's a McDonald's where I'm going."

      "Lady, you're a real lifesaver," the man said. "Here, meet my son.
      He's helping me today. We're so far behind on our schedule that we
      haven't had time to eat." Then, reaching into his pocket for some
      money, he told me what he and his son wanted.

      When I returned, the father and son stopped working and devoured the
      food I had brought them. I went about my work. A few minutes after
      they had finished eating, they completed the repair of the
      window. "Now, lady," the rough-looking repairman said, "what windows
      did you want me to look at?"

      After inspecting all my windows, he said, "By the way, here's my
      business card. If you ever have any problems with your windows, you
      call me personally." He left with a smile on his face.

      As I walked into my house, the voice seemed to say, "Do you still
      want to write that letter?"

      "No," I thought. And in that moment, I knew it was the Lord who had
      prompted me to show kindness when I wanted revenge. "Thank You,
      Lord," I prayed, "for giving me this window of opportunity to make a
      difference in someone's life."

      By Jeanne Getz Pallos

      Be encouraged to do good at all times even in the midst of the
      enemy's attacks and put on the garment of praise for the spirit of
      heaviness and show forth the God whom you belong to. Allow the light
      that is within you to shine where all who are attacking you will see
      the love that emanates from those who have made Jesus the Lord of
      their life. (Isaiah 61:3)
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