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Grace and Hope in the Mess of Life

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  • Debbie
    Norman Rockwell Christmas.It s the holiday that I ve always wanted.I recall complaining to a friend three years ago,of my great frustation with all of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2003
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      Norman Rockwell Christmas.It's the holiday that I've always wanted.I
      recall complaining to a friend three years ago,of my great frustation
      with all of the "work" of Christmas-all of the parties and gifts and
      travel;spending all of Christmas vacation on the road,driving from
      one relative's home to the next.Christmas can be very disappointing
      for the perfectionist who places her hopes in solid planning,gift
      selection and the most delicious foods.

      Three years ago,these were the concerns on my heart.But much has
      changed since then.Three years ago September 11,2001 had not yet
      occurred.It was before we had sent troops to Afghanistan and it was
      prior to the untimely death of my mother-in-law.Three years ago my
      sister and I were still talking every other day on the phone;this
      year will be our first Christmas since her passing.There was no war
      in Iraq then so my brother was not stationed half way around the
      world,and it was before the fear of dirty bombs and antrax and small
      pox was part of our daily routine.

      The picture of Christmas in my head now is of a baby being born to a
      cruel world on a star lit night in Bethlehem.I have abandoned any
      notion of perfection;all I know is that life is a mess.I understand
      that that good news is that God is near.He made it so when He sent
      His Son that one Holy night.And though our world is filled with
      violence and imperfection,He is here and His touch is loving and
      living and lasting among us and this is the true joy of Christmas.

      Today my prayer is not for perfection but for peace.Instead of hoping
      things go the right way,I will pray for more of God's grace.My hopes
      no longer hang on the hinges of precision planning but rest in the
      hands of the Child Redeemer who is my Eternal King.

      ----Rev. Kimberly Majeski
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