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Carry On

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  • Debbie
    When Jesus spoke the words Follow me to Peter, they were more than a simple call to literally stand up and follow Him away from the shore of the Sea of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003
      When Jesus spoke the words "Follow me" to Peter, they were more
      than a simple call to literally stand up and follow Him away from the
      shore of the Sea of Tiberias. The words were also more than a
      general call to evangelism. They were a call on Peters life to carry
      on the ministry of Christ.

      I believe Peter understood with all of his being the
      ramifications of this call to carry on. The strength of the love
      Peter felt in his heart, soul, and mind for the Lord is what
      made him stand up next to that early morning fire and turn
      his back on all he knew to follow Jesus.

      Christ is entrusting us with the same call to carry on. Why
      entrusting? Since He knows the depth of our heart- and
      soul-love for Him, He trusts us to be worthy carriers of His
      name and ministry. Sometimes its a heavy call. And its not
      without risks, pain, and heartache. Yet the path to
      righteousness is sign-posted with Christs words "Follow

      We may not feel worthy or qualified to carry on. I know my
      propensity to mess things up and get in the way of what the
      Lord wants to do. Dont we all? I question Him when He asks
      me to do something. Are you sure, Lord? (of course Hes
      sure!) Or, when immediate obedience is necessary, I stall.
      Im not carrying on His work at all. Ive dropped the ball.

      Still He asks us, gently but firmly, Follow me.

      How does He want us to carry on? The conviction of our
      desire to carry on is the strength of our love for Him. He
      wants our resolve to be strong. Not that we can do anything
      in our own strength, but rather, our resolve should be to
      follow and carefully pick up His ministry as it appears before

      A picture comes to mind of following a child in a hurry to
      change into play clothes and picking up after him. We follow
      behind, and we pick up whats before us one piece at a time.
      The Lord does the same with usnot that He litters the path
      in front of usbut we are asked to gather only one piece at
      a time. He doesnt and wont hand us all of what we are
      supposed to do in one giant toss.

      We can love Him with all of our strength when He asks us to
      carry on, because we know He is trustworthy not to overload
      us. He wont pile on more than we can hold. Psalm 32:8
      speaks of the gentleness with which the Lord asks us to
      follow Him and to carry on His ministry: I will instruct you
      and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you
      and watch over you.

      Lord, thank you for calling me to carry on your ministry. Thank you
      for giving me the strength in your name to do that which you ask me
      to do. And thank you that I can trust you not to ask me to carry more
      than I can bear.
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