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612Jesus: The Baby in a Manger

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  • Debbie
    Dec 2, 2007
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      "While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born,and
      she gave birth to her firstborn, a son.She wrapped him in cloths and
      placed him in a manger;because there was no guest room available for
      them." Luke 2:6-7 NIV

      My husband likes to buy toy fire trucks for our nephew at Christmas,
      on his birthday, and for pretty much any gift-giving occasion. I
      always assumed that he was trying to influence our nephew's future
      career choice.I finally asked my husband about it,and he said that
      he wanted his nephew to have action heroes that save lives instead
      of take them.He wants our nephew to do things that will help and
      care for others.

      When Jesus was born among the animals and laid in a feed trough,or
      manger,I wonder what Mary and Joseph were thinking in regard to His
      future. I'm sure they were hoping that their son would do good
      things that would help and care for others.I'm sure they wanted Him
      to grow into a young man of character and honor.

      Their son-a tiny, vulnerable baby-would break the mold when it came
      to caring for others.He went above and beyond and demonstrated a
      love that the world had never before seen. He healed the blind and
      the infirm.He reached out to the marginalized.He preached a message
      that uplifted the lowest of society. He even died so that people
      might experience forgiveness for the sin in their lives and so that
      they could know the mighty power of God's love.

      As we enter the Advent season this year,let us examine the life of
      Jesus, what He did, and who He was. Let us remember that this great
      man,the son of God,came to this earth as a little baby,just like
      us.Our Savior is so near to us because He was like us.He became
      human so that He could help us and care for us.

      What dreams so you have for the little ones in your life?

      Who has Jesus been to you?

      How do you experience the love of our Savior?

      ----Mary Stephens