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565The Good Shepherd

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  • Debbie
    Dec 2, 2006
      "Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them.Does
      he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the
      lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it,he joyfully puts
      it on his shoulders and goes home." Luke 15:4-6 NIV

      The Good Shepherd knows his sheep by name.Not only does He know us
      by name,but the sheep recognize his voice.We can hear him calling us
      back into the safety of the fold.The shepherd counts his sheep and
      if even one is missing,he will search even in dark and dangerous
      places.This is one of my favorite attributes of God.

      In one of my most loved Sunday School curriculum,I remember seeing a
      picture of the Good Shepherd. In the Bible,the scriptures paint a
      word picture of a God who is loving,compassionate and willing to lay
      down his life for his sheep.But there is another beautiful
      characteristic of the Shepherd tending his flock.He knows his sheep
      by name..each one of us.God knows everything about us and loves us
      unconditionally. He knows us completely.

      Psalm 139 describes a God who knows when we get up and when we sit
      down, when we go out and come in.In what seems like an ordinary
      day,God is still there,watching us as a Shepherd watches over his
      flock.Jereemiah tells us that God knew us before we were even
      conceived and he knows the plans he has for us, not to harm us but
      to prosper us.( Read Jeremiah 29:11)

      If our Good Shepherd knows us so completely and loves us as the
      scriptures describe,we can be assured he is constantly keeping watch
      over us,protectively tending his flock...no matter into what dark or
      dangerous place we may have strayed.Our Good Shepherd will rescue
      and carry us on his shoulders,back into the place of safety and

      What is your picture of God? Is it one of judgement or mercy?

      Does it bother you that God knows everything about you?

      Are you currently in a dark or dangerous place in your life and need
      to be rescued by the Good Shepherd?

      ---Courtney Porter