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564The Wondrous Christmas Surprises

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  • Debbie
    Dec 2, 2006
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      " There is none like you among the gods,O Lord, nor are there any
      works like yours...For you are great and do wondrous things,you
      alone are God." Psalm 86:8,10 ESV

      God is full of surprises and twists-just like our lives.Remember
      Sarah's response to God's word of a child to come? Or what about the
      apostle Thomas? He belived only after encountering the risen
      Christ.God demonstrates an uncanny abililty to turn our expectations
      upside down.

      This ability is strongly evident in the story of the Messiah's
      birth. A young, unmarried Jewish peasant to give birth to Immanuel?
      Her finance more concerned about not disgracing her than about his
      own shame in light of her apparent infidelity? Shepherds, social
      outcasts for their inability to maintain ritual purity, visited by
      the very presence of the holy God? Foreign visitors known for their
      specialized apitiudes, bearing gifts befitting a king? The openings
      of Matthew and Luke are replete with the unexpected, the
      unanticipated, and the bewildering -God was again acting in a new

      Often in life,however,we become accustomed to the mundane,to how
      things have always been.We lose sight of the newness of life that
      the season of Advent represents.The God whom we
      confess,nevertheless,is not content with our everyday experience of
      life.He came for the very purpose of bringing about something
      new,something exciting,something upexpected for us; a life of
      fullness and love.This selfsame God has promised to come again.He
      desires to transform us if we will only watch for and anticipate the
      ways in which we can enact more faithfully the new form of life
      given to us through the Christ child.The amazing God is still acting
      in great and wondrous ways.

      As this Christmas season progress,what do you anticipate?

      Will you anticipate that the One who has come and who will come
      again may surprise you by meeting you anew during this time of

      In what ways may God be calling you to enact more fully the new life
      granted in Jesus Christ?

      ---Gregory Robertson