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  • If I am able to go to Pennsic next year... I would like to teach again. If you don't mind. Thank you for all your help Sabatina Sandra SCA: Sabatina Da Valle Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail is new and improved - Check it out!
    Sandra S. Aug 28, 2004
  • Put me in for Monday at 10 for Astronomicals. : ) Sabatina --- In pennsicgames@^$1, Michel Wolffauer wrote: > Greetings! > > I've updated the schedule with the more recent emails. I think we can do > without age limits, and apart from how many handouts we choose to bring (if > any) there doesn't seem much point to size limits this year. > > Class lengths should be fine as they are...
    Sabatina Aug 11, 2004
  • I'd like to do a few hours of the Astronomicals. I will look at my schedule and give you more info. Do you have the board and dice? I have not made my own yet. : ( Sabatina --- In pennsicgames@^$1, Michel Wolffauer wrote: > Greetings! > > Sorry for being so quiet for so long. I wanted to bring everyone up to > date on where things stand for the Pennsic Games Tent. > > We ran out of...
    Sabatina Jul 22, 2004
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