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Re: [pennsicgames] Post-Pennsic thoughts/feedback

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  • James McAdams
    ... There were 12 players, of which half probably would have been at the games tent anyhow - so I d say a draw of 6 players. The time was anytime
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 21, 2011

      The chess not-a-tournament (Caissa's Challenge): As a
      pseudo-tournament I don't think it went well. Whether that's due to
      venue, interest, or that we had one strong player dominating quickly and
      decisively; I didn't sense much excitement/interest in the results.
      As a "Come visit the tent - there will be other chess players here"
      day, I think it went quite well. I'd suggest doing something similar
      during the week with chess games in future years.

      Can you please summarize for our future reference, Xavier, the # of players, when it took place exactly, how long were the games, what was played, etc., for the tournament?

          There were 12 players, of which half probably would have been at the games tent anyhow - so I'd say a "draw" of 6 players.  The time was 'anytime Wednesday', with the vast majority showing up & playing between 10-12.  Play ran until 5 or so.
          On a side note, I kept the tent open from 6-8.  That was a bust - there was one person who stopped by during that time.

          The variations I had available were modern chess, shatranj, courier chess, byzantine chess, oblong chess, short assize, chess with dice, and xiang xi/chinese chess.  People paired up, picked an variant they were interested in, and played.  No time limits.  The most popular choices seemed to be modern, courier chess ("what's that board?"), and chess with dice. 

      Perhaps tent staff people can inventory tent games available at beginning and/or end of Pennsic, see what we have and what's missing?  A number of things looked for during the War weren't there - Shogi and Xiang-qi (Japanese and Chinese Chess) were what I noticed, and remembered us having previously.
          I won't commit this far in advance, but I think doing an inventory during the first week is a good idea.  I know we had a couple of 31-piece chess sets this year.  It all depends on how many bodies are available and willing.


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