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Re: "Period" Settlers of Catan?

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  • Dungeon Damsel, elven
    Food Stamp Variant!!??!! omg... if only twer tru.. Since I work at the Agency who funds it! Well, my motive is that I ve been trying to get members of my
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 29, 2004
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      Food Stamp Variant!!??!! omg... if only 'twer tru.. Since I work at
      the Agency who funds it!

      Well, my motive is that I've been trying to get members of my family
      into this game, and I get no nibbles on my bait. Even buttered
      popcorn won't convince 'em (the real stuff, not the cardboard tasting
      microwave variety). So, out of selfishness and a strong desire to
      get at least some of my money's worth out of the game, I was hoping
      to find Settlers fans at Pennsic... But, I'm not sure Pennsic people
      are into it ... at Pennsic anyway.

      I've never played cities and knights, only the original Settlers game.

      --- In pennsicgames@yahoogroups.com, Daniel Adler <dadler@h...> wrote:
      > What's "period appropriate"? You mean, more in line with the
      > accepted time period of the SCA? Or, a similar game that was
      > played in period?
      > If the second instance, then, no, I can't think of such a game -
      > games weren't usually "that" complicated (though you ever take a
      look at
      > Rithmomachy? Mighty complex....). But if the first, then several
      > of Settlers are period appropriate; I prefer the Cities and Knights
      > but there's others, like "Settlers of Canaan", "Settlers of the
      Stone Age",
      > etc. There are websites with lots of more esoteric variants, too,
      > non-period-appropriate, but too funny not to mention: The Food
      > variant, the Cold War variant, the Strip Settlers variant....
      (kidding! - I
      > think) :+)
      > Galen
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      > > Subject: [pennsicgames] "Period" Settlers of Catan?
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      > > Does anyone know of any 'period' appropriate versions or games
      > > similar to Settlers of Catan?
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