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87Greetings from Lady Julienne fille Gaspard

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  • Jewel
    Jan 29, 2008
      Hi! I am Lady Julienne fille Gaspard, mka Jewel Shuping. I reside in
      the Kingdom of Atlantia. When I was first introduced to the SCA, one
      of the first people to get me involved was Mu'allim Rabah az-Zafir,
      who is very much into gaming and such. Since then, I have been so very
      interested in gaming, and especially the not-so-common ones.

      Where am I going with this? Oh yea, I want to volunteer at the Gaming
      Tent, maybe even teach a class on Four Seasons Chess (one of my
      absolute favourite variants of chess) or another game. I'm currently
      learning Nyout ("Horses"), which is a lot of fun, and trying to learn
      Ho-hpai (Korean dominoes), and might be able to do something with
      Nyout, but don't think I'll be good enough at Ho-hpai to teach
      -that-...it's complicated!

      So here I am. What can I do to help?

      Vivat the Dream,
      Lady Julienne fille Gaspard, mka Jewel Shuping
      Scribe of Atlantia
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