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82Re: [pennsicgames] Re: Post-Pennsic notes

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  • Mike Knauer
    Aug 23 8:54 AM
      Tinker wrote:
      > The only problem I saw was people who wanted to play a game in the
      > tent while a class was being taught.
      > You had some LARGE classes this year - a great turnout on the 2 I
      > managed to attend and it was hard to find a seat or table space to
      > take notes because some of the gamers had to almost be forced to
      > move.

      Yeah, that is an on going problem. Some years it is better then others,
      but this one had the most issues that I've seen. What two classes were

      If we get repeats on some of the classes, they will be put in regular
      A&S tents due to size or noise issues. The majority of the classes will
      remain at the Games Tent.

      > I'll be ready to teach next Pennsic and I'd love to see a larger,
      > tent, one that you can set up a section for players and one for
      > classes.

      One year, we got very lucky and an extra 20' x 20' tent was sent up next
      to us, but not used for anything. We put all our classes there and let
      the open gaming continue in the main tent.

      The problem with getting an extra tent or a larger tent is that Pennsic
      now owns the tents we use and can't just change what they want to rent.

      - Michel
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