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80Post-Pennsic notes

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  • Mike Knauer
    Aug 20, 2007
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      Another Pennsic is over and the Games Tent continues to be a popular
      stop for many people. We held 18 classes, taught by seven different
      teachers, most all of whom have taught at the Tent before. We also
      held an afternoon of Go on Friday, which I think went over very well.
      If we don't fill all our class slots next year, we should probably
      consider putting it on the schedule right from the start.

      Does anyone have any thoughts on what went right, what went wrong, and
      what they'd like to see different next year?

      I'm going to continue to request a 20' x 30' tent, and I'm going to
      make sure we get 4 tables and 32 chairs right from the start.
      Anything else we should pass along to the higher ups?

      Should we shift the hours to 10 - 6? (Currently we post them as 9-5).

      As always, we could use more volunteers and teachers, but that will be
      best worked on next spring.

      In Service,
      Michel Wolffauer
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