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69Re: [pennsicgames] To Whom it May Concern

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  • Daniel Adler
    May 31 1:20 PM
      Greetings, Tessa!

      Michel is in charge of the Period Games Tent at Pennsic; please discuss
      with him either on-list here or privately, any volunteering you wish to
      do there - I'm sure he'll be very happy to have more help. Thank you
      for the offer and for volunteering your time!

      Please email me separately, off this list, at dadler@..., or
      call me (# below), or catch me at an event, to personally discuss any
      arrangements you want to make with me with regard to working at my
      merchant booth. The same goes to anyone else on this list who is
      interested in working at my booth at Pennsic, or if you have any
      particular requests for games either modern or medieval that you want
      me to bring for you; though I'm happy to try to fulfill such requests,
      this is not the proper forum for them. Though I have helped to run it
      in the past, and I will teach at the Period Games Tent as always, it is
      a separate entity from my retail booth; the Period Games Tent is run by
      volunteers, and is part of the A&S offerings and classes at Pennsic;
      A&S donates the tent to us, with the (perhaps unspoken) agreement that
      we only play and teach medieval games there.

      I hope that answers your questions, Tessa? See you at Landsknecht!



      On May 31, 2006, at 12:22 PM, Terri Garvey wrote:

      > Dear Everybody,
      > I have been contacted by my friend Shawn in reference to volunteering
      > in the
      > games tent, or working for Galen, the Games merchant, and I am not
      > sure who
      > wanted me to contact whom exactly. So, Hi everyone. I am Tessa, the
      > Amnesiac
      > Wandering Scavenger Merchant. I am looking for work at Pennsic, and
      > possibly
      > other events, to support my SCA "habit." I am a merchant, a costumer, a
      > teacher, a dancer and a poet. I have contacted the group before about
      > volunteering in the games tent, but with multiple names and multiple
      > email
      > accounts, identities can get confused. Anyway, thanks for the
      > interest and
      > I lookforward to hearing from you.
      > In Your Service,
      > Tessa
      Daniel Adler
      Game Gnight, Inc. - Games for all Ages
      20 Quaker Ave.
      Cornwall, NY 12518
      (845) 534-8187
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