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66Re: [pennsicgames] Time to finalize the class schedule

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  • Dan Chenin
    Apr 26, 2006
      I am not sure when or if I will be at Pennsic this year, So I cannot commit to any classes


      On 4/26/06, Michel Wolffauer < mike@...> wrote:
      Greetings folks!

      It's time to finalize the class schedule.  May
      1st is the deadline for Pennsic classes that will
      appear in the program booklet, and we'd like for
      all of our classes to be in the booklet.  We'll
      have a little time after the deadline to get our stuff submitted but not much.

      I've gotten Galen's three classes and two of my
      own.  We could still use several more :)

      Justin, do you know what you'd like to teach this year?

      What about you István?

      Cristofana, Yasha, Marietta will you be joining us again?

      Anyone else?

      If we do the same tournament schedule we did last
      year, then we have 17 class slots to fill.  If we
      don't find someone to run the tournaments, then
      we've got an extra 4 class slots.

      We need the same information that they ask for on the Pennsic website:

        In (panicked last minute) Service,


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