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53Re: [pennsicgames] Re: Game Teachers wanted!

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  • Dan Chenin
    May 5, 2005
      If Istvan does not want to do it, I could probably teach 9 man's
      morris and 12 man's morris. They are after all fairly simple games
      that I know pretty well.


      On 5/5/05, Michel Wolffauer <mike@...> wrote:
      > Greetings folks!
      > Yasha wrote:
      > >Although I have never taught a class before if there is anything I can
      > >do to help let me know. I am certainly willing to help work in the
      > >tent pretty much every day of war week.
      > We can certainly use the help at the tent.
      > Meanwhile, would you (or anyone else out there) like to teach
      > something? It's really not too hard if it's a game you know fairly
      > well. Plus we'd love to see more folks teaching :)
      > Right now we've got the following topics covered:
      > Tarot
      > Byzantine Chess
      > Nard (Backgammon)
      > Kugelach (Judaic Knucklebones)
      > Xiang-qi (Chinese Chess)
      > Introduction to period board games (covering Alquerques and Fox & Geese,
      > I believe)
      > I will add (unless someone else wants to teach them):
      > Tafl
      > Intro to Go
      > Istvan can probably give us two or three of the following:
      > Fanorona
      > Mancala
      > Game of Goose
      > 9 Man's Morris
      > Other classes we've had in the past (and wouldn't mind seeing again):
      > Astronomical Tables
      > Primero
      > Any of the other Chess variants (European or Asian)
      > Karnoffel
      > One-and-Thirty
      > Laugh and Lie Down
      > Rhythmomachy
      > Dice games
      > - Michel
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