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52Re: Game Teachers wanted!

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  • Michel Wolffauer
    May 5, 2005
      Greetings folks!

      Yasha wrote:
      >Although I have never taught a class before if there is anything I can
      >do to help let me know. I am certainly willing to help work in the
      >tent pretty much every day of war week.

      We can certainly use the help at the tent.

      Meanwhile, would you (or anyone else out there) like to teach
      something? It's really not too hard if it's a game you know fairly
      well. Plus we'd love to see more folks teaching :)

      Right now we've got the following topics covered:
      Byzantine Chess
      Nard (Backgammon)
      Kugelach (Judaic Knucklebones)
      Xiang-qi (Chinese Chess)
      Introduction to period board games (covering Alquerques and Fox & Geese,
      I believe)

      I will add (unless someone else wants to teach them):
      Intro to Go

      Istvan can probably give us two or three of the following:
      Game of Goose
      9 Man's Morris

      Other classes we've had in the past (and wouldn't mind seeing again):
      Astronomical Tables
      Any of the other Chess variants (European or Asian)
      Laugh and Lie Down
      Dice games

      - Michel
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