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5Re: Pennsic Classes, and other opportunities

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  • Sabatina
    Jul 22, 2004
      I'd like to do a few hours of the Astronomicals. I will look at my
      schedule and give you more info. Do you have the board and dice? I
      have not made my own yet. : (


      --- In pennsicgames@yahoogroups.com, Michel Wolffauer <mike@k...>
      > Greetings!
      > Sorry for being so quiet for so long. I wanted to bring everyone
      up to
      > date on where things stand for the Pennsic Games Tent.
      > We ran out of time when putting together the class schedule (only
      Galen had
      > gotten a list of classes to me, but I didn't get a chance to get
      > descriptions from him in time), so I punted and put in a set of
      > Period Game classes. I was hoping to get them listed as being
      taught by
      > the "Games Tent Staff", but if you've seen the class list they've
      all got
      > my name on them... (and no, I don't want to teach 21 classes).
      > We can still pull together a class schedule and get it posted at
      the tent,
      > A&S point and listed in the Pennsic Independent.
      > Galen has offered to run:
      > Kugelach/Five Stones: Judaic Knucklebones For The Overly
      > Xiang-qi - Chinese Chess for Beginners
      > Shogi - Japanese Chess for Beginners
      > Modern Chess for Beginners - Chess 101
      > Other classes he's mentioned (but currently not planning to run):
      > Backgammon for Beginners - Backgammon 101
      > It's Not Just Luck - Backgammon 201
      > Make Your Own Luck - Advanced Backgammon, BG 202
      > Chess for the Lost Non-Beginner - Chess 102
      > The Royal Game for Common Players - Chess 201
      > 9 Men's Morris, Quick and Easy
      > Alquerques
      > Tafl variants
      > Byzantine Chess for Beginners
      > Jayme Hume offered to run a Great Chess class (and loan us his
      Great Chess
      > board). He will be leaving on Aug 15th, so his class would have to
      be on
      > that first Saturday.
      > Justin will not be at Pennsic this year. In the past he has run
      > Astronomical Tables (7-player Backgammon), Primero, One-and-Thirty,
      > and Lie Down and Rhythmomachy. Anyone interested in teaching any
      of these
      > would be welcome.
      > I'll probably teach Tarot again, since it has been a popular class
      in the past.
      > In addition to our classes and tournaments, I've been contacted
      about two
      > additional opportunities.
      > The first is to help out with games at the Midrealm Teens Party -
      > waiting on more information about it, but I suspect it's just
      having games
      > available and teaching as needed.
      > The second is a merchant who would like to run a chess or
      > tournament one evening. It's at a new Turkish-style coffeehouse.
      They are
      > looking for either help in running the tournament, or advice on
      setting up
      > the tournament. Galen - this sounds like something you may be
      interested in.
      > Anything catch anyone's interest? Got anything you'd like to
      teach? Let
      > us know!
      > In Service,
      > Michel
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