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275Re: [pennsicgames] Games tent schedule

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  • Stephen Tihor
    Apr 17 2:39 AM
      I think we want a Game of Tarot Class early since it worked well to draw people in especially non-gamers. 
      It also looks like we are missing the Morris games class that someone usually offers. So I think we want to slip one of those in early 

      both as Games tent staff.   one of us create a separate submission count for that purpose?

      On Apr 17, 2013, at 3:56 AM, James McAdams <jmcadams@...> wrote:


      On 4/17/2013 2:26 AM, Naomi Hampson wrote:

      I am not sure that I will be onsite by Saturday the 28th. I had requested that my classes be scheduled on the 28th through the 1st.
      Also - do you know if the Happy Japanese games are field games or board/card games. If it is the same Japanese games class that has been taught in the past, the battlefield is a better location than the games tent.


          My apologies - I mis-read (or mis-copied to my worksheet) the days you are available.  I'll adjust that and re-submit.
          I've spoken with Kitsune about her class - the various parts don't work ideally in either location.  For at one session, we'll be able to use the Dance Tent for more space.


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