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254Re: [pennsicgames] Re: Pennsic 42

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  • James McAdams
    Mar 18, 2013
      On 3/18/2013 9:28 AM, __ZASPER__ wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I won't be able to commit to a time for teaching go, until sometime in June, so it's difficult for me to chime in here. I would love to teach go once I figure out when I can do so.
      > Secondly, I would love for the "day of go" to be moved closer to the middle of Pennsic. I simply can not to the end of war, and so for me to partake in the day of go, It would need to be Monday or Tuesday of war week at the latest. When I mentioned this at the last war, it was suggested I bring it up on this group. Any chance we can move the day of go forward?
      > Olrick.

      To get classes into the book, they'll need to be scheduled by April
      15th (Yep - an earlier deadline this year). After that, classes will
      still be listed - just not in the printed book.

      The reason I have heard for having the "Day of Go" on the last day
      has been that it lets us clean up everything else, leaving just simple
      boards and stones out. I'd like to keep that tradition going, but we
      could do an additional one earlier in the war.
      What to people think about doing a "Day of Go" at the end of each
      week - Friday and Thursday this year?

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