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252Re: [pennsicgames] Pennsic 42

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  • Daniel Adler
    Mar 10, 2013
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      On Mar 10, 2013, at 11:55 AM, Justin du coeur wrote:


      On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 10:42 PM, Daniel Adler <dadler@...> wrote:
      Living Chess Game at Pennsic, always been an idea I wanted to do, whether with fighting pieces or just for show.  I know Carolingia's done a fencing tourney as a chess game several times, I have their rules somewhere.

      Yaas -- we originally got the idea from the Cumberland Faire, a particularly good renfaire down in Rhode Island.  High concept is that each move is essentially provisional: if you make a move that would result in capture, we quickly clear the board and the two "pieces" duel it out.  (Hence the traditional name for the event, "Duello".)  It is not unusual for a capture to fail, which makes gambits rather interesting.  

      In some versions, the King gets to pull in a defender from his side, so winning is hard: you not only need to win in the chess sense, you need to attack with a strong enough piece that he can pull off the 1-on-2 kill.

      We usually ran it as a parallel tournament -- a chess tourney and a fencing tourney running simultaneously in the afternoon, with the finalists of those becoming the competing chess masters and kings for the final game.

      Delightfully fun stuff.  If you can't find the rules, and actually care, I can probably put you in touch with Richard de Lacy, who brought the idea from the Faire to Carolingia.  (He's in the Midrealm nowadays, and less active in the SCA, but still comes to Pennsic.)

      Yes, I attended the event quite a few years ago (heck, I won the speed chess tourney and the privilege of duking it out with Duke Vissevald in proxy on the chessboard - where his players won the fencing chess game), but I know I have hardcopy of the rules on file SOMEWHERE if I need them (it would depend on what people want to attempt, just a tourney, a spectacle such as is still done in Marostica, Italy or combined with a fencing, heavy, or even a Youth combat tourney.
      (http://armchairtravelogue.blogspot.com/2009/06/living-chess-game-at-marostica-italy.html).  Knights do have to learn to play chess or an equivalent game to their period…..


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