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250Re: [pennsicgames] Pennsic 42

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  • Daniel Adler
    Mar 8, 2013
      I'm there the whole time, of course, and plan to be selling, but my ability to teach classes/cover the Period Gaming tent is subject to staff coverage in my selling booth.  I'm usually pretty thin on staff the first week.

      I have the following Chess variants classes I've taught before, some at Pennsic, some elsewhere:

      Shogi for Beginners (Japanese Chess)
      Xiang-qi for Beginners (Chinese Chess)
      Byzantine Chess for Beginners
      The Royal Game for Common Players (Modern Chess 201)
      Chess for the Lost Non-Beginner (Modern Chess 102)
      Modern Chess for Beginners (Modern Chess 101) could be worked up if I had time, too - though I'd prefer teaching something others don't so someone who wants to teach it certainly can.

      I have a modern chess vertical demo board and pieces that are ideal for larger classes that use the modern 8x8 checkered board, in a more traditional lecture-type format, if someone wants to use it I'll bring it (or if one of my classes will need it, I'll definitely bring it).

      I will of course have a selection of medieval chess variants for sale, and Salamallah's book and the cloth games.  I should have a selection of Tarot decks also, and the usual selection of Go equipment.  If you need something sourced in time for Pennsic, please lmk ASAP.

      Tourney plans?  Get it in the book if so, and let me know if prize support is needed.

      Living Chess Game at Pennsic, always been an idea I wanted to do, whether with fighting pieces or just for show.  I know Carolingia's done a fencing tourney as a chess game several times, I have their rules somewhere.  We did a similar chess game heavy weapons version for a Boy Scout demo some years ago too, with flour-whitened grass squares.  But it was like 100 degrees that day, we didn't have enough fighters, and we called it early.  If the Royals get involved, could be a helluva spectacle, but there's little time in the Pennsic schedule for anything new…..unless they push for it.


      On Mar 8, 2013, at 7:43 AM, Stephen Tihor wrote:


      I should be there most of the first week as well as the second. 

      AS usual I'll gladly tray nd teach anything,   We should try and get some of our high turnout classes in early as well as late.  Thinks like the Tarot and other card game classes. 

      On Mar 8, 2013, at 3:03 AM, James McAdams <jmcadams@...> wrote:


      Greetings Lords and Ladies,

      I've volunteered to organize (no laughing please) the Pennsic gaming
      tent and classes for this year.

      It's time for those who will be attending and are interested in teaching
      to think about the specifics of what they will teach, and start
      registering classes. I haven't seen a definite deadline for the on-site
      book yet, but the end of April is the usual cut-off.

      Some changes this year - not only is Pennsic being held a week earlier,
      but it's ending a day earlier yet. Classes will run from the Tuesday of
      first week through THURSDAY of war week. So the "Day of Go" will be
      Thursday this year while we clean up the tent.

      Does anyone have ideas for improving the tent? Class ideas? If so you
      can either toss them out here, or send them directly to me.

      My ideas so far:
      I'd like to have the tent open during the first week of war if
      possible. I know our volunteer pool will be thinner then, but if you
      plan on being there and are willing to donate some time, please let me
      know as early as you can. I'd like to advertise as accurately as possible.
      The "Day of Go" seems popular. I'd like to do a dedicated "Day of
      Chess" as well - with the classes focusing on chess or medieval chess
      variants. Does anyone have chess class ideas, and if so any definite
      days to teach them?

      In service,


      Daniel Adler

      Game Gnight - Games for all Ages

      20 Quaker Ave.

      Cornwall, NY  12518

      (845) 534-8187

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