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230Re: [pennsicgames] Gaming at Pennsic 41

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  • Daniel Adler
    Dec 12, 2011
      On Dec 12, 2011, at 10:48 AM, Mike Knauer wrote:


      Greetings Gamers!

      The planning for Pennsic 41 has begun - the budget has been approved and
      the staff list is being pulled together.

      I've been asked to organize the Games Tent this year, and if no one here
      has any objections, I'd like to do so.

      I've got the notes that Naomi took from last Pennsic, and would like to
      go over them to figure out what we need from the Pennsic staff and what
      we need from elsewhere.

      To start - who here is already planning to be at Pennsic next year? And
      what would you like to do as part of the Games Tent?

      In Service,

      Welcome back Michel - no objections from me if you want to organize again!

      I will of course be selling at Pennsic as usual.  I will teach a few games as well - unsure at this time what, I'll have to see what I can still print out now (new Mac with OS Lion doesn't print my old non-word-processing class notes - diagrams, pieces, etc., though the word-processing portions of the notes are translating fine.  I believe I still have the master originals to photocopy, but if I want to update/edit the diagrams, I'll have to recreate the docs somehow - iWork isn't working to translate those.  :+)   

      I'll teach the Hurling class and game for sure.  Chinese and/or Japanese chess probably (Xiang-qi and Shogi) as well.  I prefer teaching a class no one else will do, to give others the opportunity to teach if they want (and get the neato teacher's token from the University).

      If you want to run a tourney of some kind, I'll see about donating prize(s).  I dunno if I'll be able to cover a shift if needed, that'll have to be determined at the event when I see who's working at my booth and when.

      What will the budget cover?  How much is in the budget?  Is it just enough to replace the consumables we go through, like dry erase pens, hand sanitizer, butcher paper?  Did the sign(s) need re-epoxying?  Do we have extra money to cover new expenses, buy new games?  Tent could use it's own large water dispenser/cooler/etc, if the University is not supplying water anymore.  Write Period Games Tent on it in big thick black Sharpie.  People can bring their own drinking vessel.  


      Daniel Adler

      Game Gnight - Games for all Ages

      20 Quaker Ave.

      Cornwall, NY  12518

      (845) 534-8187

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