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225Re: [pennsicgames] Post-Pennsic thoughts/feedback

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  • Daniel Adler
    Aug 18 11:59 AM
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      On Aug 18, 2011, at 12:09 AM, James McAdams wrote:


      I wanted to write and share my thoughts about the games tent this year.

      I taught "Intro to Go" three mornings. On the Friday of first week
      and the Monday of second there were 16-18 attendees both times. On the
      Thursday of second week that fell to 8. Perhaps it's burnout following
      Midnight Madness.

      Probably.  Maybe if you do it again next year, move that last session to the following day, which is the Go day anyway?

      The chess not-a-tournament (Caissa's Challenge): As a
      pseudo-tournament I don't think it went well. Whether that's due to
      venue, interest, or that we had one strong player dominating quickly and
      decisively; I didn't sense much excitement/interest in the results.
      As a "Come visit the tent - there will be other chess players here"
      day, I think it went quite well. I'd suggest doing something similar
      during the week with chess games in future years.

      Can you please summarize for our future reference, Xavier, the # of players, when it took place exactly, how long were the games, what was played, etc., for the tournament?

      Non-modern chess seemed to be played mostly for the novelty
      factor. So having visible sets (Byzantine, Courier, Dice) led to more
      play for those forms.

      Wartime storage of games needs some work - the bead-drawers and
      table-length boards work great, but everything else is stuffed into the
      bins - not the easiest way to find stuff. Some sort of shelving would
      be a great addition.

      Sturdy yet clear, labeled plastic totes and plastic (wood, though looking nicer, is heavier and will mold over the year; plastic cleans up easier) disassemble-able shelving seems like a great idea, I'll see what I can find cheap at garage sales and bring with me next year (since I have LOTS of extra space in the truck coming here).  There's always Wal-mart, too.  Though I dislike the evil empire.  :+)

      Perhaps tent staff people can inventory tent games available at beginning and/or end of Pennsic, see what we have and what's missing?  A number of things looked for during the War weren't there - Shogi and Xiang-qi (Japanese and Chinese Chess) were what I noticed, and remembered us having previously.

      Anyhow - those are my observations and thoughts


      My shogi class had 20-30 people, though I had listed it as for 10 (since I only had 10 handouts, and 4 playable sets (I thought the tent had one, too, so we'd have 5 games going.  In the end, I had one set per table of 6-8 people, and 4 tables, and 3-4 people sharing one handout.  Next time, more sets and handouts!

      Also note that the University A&S people added classes without checking with us - for example, I had listed a class as 90 minutes long to accommodate post-lecture gaming, yet they added a class in the game tent that started 60 minutes into the class.  Luckily I had finished the lecture portion, and several people had already left - we were able to move and consolidate remaining people from my class onto fewer tables and still have the other class go on.  But it would have been too hard and noisy to have two lectures going simultaneously in the tent.

      Anyone else?


      Daniel Adler

      Game Gnight - Games for all Ages

      20 Quaker Ave.

      Cornwall, NY  12518

      (845) 534-8187

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