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200Re: [pennsicgames] Classes at Pennsic 40

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  • Daniel Adler
    Apr 19, 2011
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      On Apr 19, 2011, at 12:19 PM, Naomi Hampson wrote:


      I usually teach some card games, but I can teach other things if needed.  In the past I have filled in some of the holes in classes.  This year, I am coming late to Pennsic, and leaving early (although I'm not sure yet how early).  This year, I am also running a history display, so I won't be able to commit as much time to the tent as I have in the past.  I will be at Pennsic and available Sunday and Monday of war week, but I cannot commit to any other days this far out.

      Last year I made up 2- 8' table cloths with game boards printed on them. One table cloth had fitchneal, alquerques, fox and geese and 9-men's morris, with rules. The other had regular backgammon, 4-player backgammon, and 7-player backgammon.  I can bring these with me to Pennsic if you want them again. If someone else can get them back to me sometime after Pennsic, I can leave them when I go home, if I have to leave before the tent closes.

      Naomi - how soon after Pennsic will you need them?  I can bring them to Ubercon or Philcon if I don't get out to your area before then?

      Also Brusten- we found that last year some of the classes held in the games tent did not really work in the tent.  One class on Japanese Games really needed to be held on the battlefield, or somewhere else with space for field games, rather than tables for board and card games.

      I do plan to run one or two Hurling (Celtic field hockey) classes/games on the battlefield as usual, but they are generally held later in the day, 5 or 6 PM or so.


      Daniel Adler

      Game Gnight - Games for all Ages

      20 Quaker Ave.

      Cornwall, NY  12518

      (845) 534-8187

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