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196Re: [pennsicgames] Set-up week

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  • James McAdams
    Apr 17, 2011
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      On 4/17/2011 11:52 PM, Daniel Adler wrote:
      > Did the tent sign go home with anyone last year, go into Istvan's
      > household storage, or go to A&S limbo storage like last year? Did it
      > need repair/another coat of clear epoxy? Lettering not faded out? Etc.

      The tent sign was still there Sunday afternoon, so I think we have to
      hope it's in A&S storage. I don't recall it being particularly worn/faded.

      > Anyone want to do a tourney this year?

      I like the idea but keep getting hung up on what game/games, the
      logistics to make it accessable, and making it something different from
      a mundane chess (or whatever) tournament. My favorite idea so far is a
      'random variant' - where each pair of players is given a random chess
      variation (chatranj, byzantine, 4x16 board, etc.).
      Any suggestions?

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