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165Re: [pennsicgames] Game class deadline - May 1st

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  • Daniel Adler
    May 1, 2010
      I registered the following classes today:  Xiang-qi (Chinese Chess) and Byzantine Chess for Beginners.  (Tuesday and Monday, respectively, 1:00 PM slot please)  thank you!

      Do we want to arrange a tourney of some sort this year?


      On Apr 28, 2010, at 8:20 PM, Mike Knauer wrote:



      We are quickly approaching the deadline for submitting classes for
      Pennsic 39.

      So far the following classes are on our schedule:

      Games and Play from Breugel's painting Children's Play
      Laugh and Lie Down
      The Game of Tarot
      Gleek - Late Renaissance card game
      The World: Four player backgammon
      Losing Loadum

      If you have submitted a class but don't see it listed, please let me
      know: what it is and when you submitted it, and we'll get it tracked down.

      If you'd like to run a class this Pennsic there are still plenty of time
      slots available. Not sure what to teach? Here is a list of classes
      we've had in the past to inspire you :)

      Pit and Stone Games (Mancala)
      Atlanbaj (Turkish Checkers)
      Xiang-qi (Chinese Chess)
      Shogi (Japanese Chess)
      Mom! I'm Bored!
      Game of the Goose
      So You Have This Backgammon Board
      Three Easy Morris Games
      So You Have This Chess Set
      Intro to Go
      Table Games
      Dice games
      Byzantine Chess
      Tafl Games - Fitchneal & Tablut
      Astronomical Tables: "Seven-Sided Backgammon"
      Primero: "Renaissance Poker"

      To submit a game class, just go to this form and fill in the details.
      Be sure to select Leisure - Gaming as the Class Category.

      http://pennsicwar. org/penn39/ AANDS/PENNU/ univform. html

      In Service,

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