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140Re: [pennsicgames] Location Question

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  • Mike Knauer
    Aug 18 8:32 AM

      Tinker wrote:
      > I'd like a larger tent. When I've tried teaching classes - there
      > wasn't always room for people trying to teach and take a class
      > because there were folks using the tables for gaming.
      > Maybe we could talk them into letting us use a regular tent for some
      > of the classes.

      Actually we have one of the larger tents there, many of the class tents
      are 20x20 compared to our 20x30. We usually try to move folks around
      before the classes start so that there are 2-3 empty tables available.
      If that is not enough space for some of the larger classes, we can
      always have those classes scheduled elsewhere (something we've done in
      the past for various reasons).

      Xavier wrote:
      > I was thinking about the space issues - IF we are in the same place
      > next year, and there's the gap between the Games Tent and Security again
      > - could we get a tarp with grommets set on the edges - cover that gap
      > with a flat shade and move some tables that way. It might be a cheaper
      > alternative, but it relies on that gap existing again.

      I believe that the gap will remain if we stay in the same spot. Not
      sure what might be available to cover the space.

      The main issue I noticed was crowding - not so much because of too many
      people, but just not having all four wall available for traffic as in
      our old spot.

      One thought I had was to move the "fence" that was by the road between
      us and security back towards the rear of the tent. That will make that
      corner of the tent more open to folks coming and going (and do a better
      job of keeping folks away from the trailer it was protecting).

      - Michel
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