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137Location Question

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  • Naomi Hampson
    Aug 17, 2009
      Thank you very much to everyone who volunteered to help run the Games Tent this year as well as everyone who came out and played games with us. 

      This was the first year that the Games Tent was located with the A&S tents as opposed to next to the Information Point Tent, and I am curious, for those of you that had visited the games tent before in the old location, which do you like better?  Please let me know which location you liked better, or if you thought they were the same, and why.  I am curious about convenience, comfort, accessibility, as well as anything else.

      Also, if you have any comments or suggestions about the tent, feel free to email with them.  Now is a great time while some of our brains are still hooked on Pennsic.

      Thank you very much

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