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13RE: [pennsicgames] Class schedule to date

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  • sgtkonrad@netscape.net
    Aug 5, 2004
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      I would like ot teach Karnoffel again. Check out my schedule once I get a Pennsic Book to see when I could. I'll be at Pennsic for Land Grab on so I should have time. I may also teach some others once I get the schedule worked out.
      Michel Wolffauer <mike@...> wrote:

      >Hi Gang,
      >Yes, I'm still running late with this.  Here is what we have so far.  Speak
      >up if you'd like to add something to the list.
      >  - Michel
      >Class name, teacher, date, time, length
      >[open] Sat. 14th, 10 AM
      >Modern Chess, Galen, Sat. 14th, 1 PM, 1 hr
      >[open] Sat. 14th, 3 PM
      >[open] Sun. 15th, 10 AM
      >[open] Sun. 15th, 1 PM
      >[open] Sun. 15th, 3 PM
      >[open] Mon. 16th, 10 AM
      >Xiang-qi, Galen, Mon. 16th, 1 PM, 1 hr
      >[open] Mon. 16th, 3 PM
      >[open] Tues. 17th, 10 AM
      >[open] Tues. 17th, 1 PM
      >[open] Tues. 17th, 3 PM
      >[open] Wed. 18th, 10 AM
      >Shogi, Galen, Wed. 18th, 1 PM, 1 hr
      >[open] Wed. 18th, 3 PM
      >[open] Thurs. 19th, 10 AM
      >5 Stones, Galen, Thurs. 19th, 1 PM, 1 hr
      >[open] Thurs. 19th, 3 PM
      >[open] Fri. 20th, 10 AM
      >[open] Fri. 20th, 1 PM
      >[open] Fri. 20th, 3 PM
      >Not scheduled yet, but being offered:
      >  Great Chess (on 14th, and maybe later)
      >  Introduction to the Game of Tarot (any free spot)
      >  Tafl Games - Fitchneal & Tablut (any free spot)
      >Classes we'd like to see:
      >   Astronomical Tables
      >   Backgammon
      >   9 Men's Morris
      >   Alquerques
      >   other Chess varients
      >    Karnoffel
      >    One-and-Thirty
      >    Laugh and Lie Down
      >    Primero
      >    or other card games
      >   Dice games
      >   Mancala games
      >   etc :)

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