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126Pennsic Classes

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  • Naomi Hampson
    May 11, 2009
      With only a few days left to register to teach classes at Pennsic and get them in the program, we are trying to get a sense of what "staple games" haven't been offered yet and what the schedule will be.  If you are planning to submit a game, we would appreciate if you could do it sooner rather than later so we can get things organized on our end.  Remember, when you sign up to teach a class to mark the class type as games so we get notified and the class is put in the correct tent.
      Here is what we have so far.  Please let us know if you have submitted a class and it isn't on this list.

      Fanarona - Istvan
      Game of the Goose - Istvan
      Tarot: The Card game - Naomi
      Laugh and Lie Down - Naomi
      Losing Loadum - Michel
      The World - Four player backgammon - Michel
      Gleek - Late Renaissance card game - Michel
      Atlanbaj (Turkish Checkers) - Galen
      Xiang-qi (Chinese Chess) - Galen
      Shogi (Japanese Chess) - Galen
      Three Easy Morris Games - Ana

      Thank you very much
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