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122Re: [pennsicgames] Classes so far

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  • Naomi Hampson
    Apr 28 11:41 AM
      Are you still interested in teaching this year? 
      I have some questions about the tournament.  Are you interested in setting up and running the tournament?  How many different types of chess would you like to see included?  Do you think that formal classes will need to be taught for the chess variant? 

      If anyone else is interested in helping with a possible tournament or helping to run the games tent in general,  please let me know.  We are still need many more volunteers.  We also still need teachers, so if anyone is interested, please register a class at www.pennsicwar.org, and make sure to list class type as "games".  The deadline to get classes into the site book has been extended to May 15th.

      Thank you

      On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 2:43 AM, James McAdams <jmcadams@...> wrote:

      I'd like to teach Go/Weiqi again, and take the chance to improve it

      Galen asked about a tournament - I've been thinking about one for a
      while, let me know what you think of it.
      The idea would be to have several variations of chess available
      (different rules, boards, etc). People could stop by any time and play
      anyone who's willing. The winners will earn points, with repeated wins
      (by opponent and/or variant) worth half or quarter points. At the end
      of several days, the scores would be tallied and a winner determined.

      My goals with this are:
      to show some of the earlier medieval chess variations
      to create a casual tournament that doesn't require people to
      invest large time blocks during a busy event,
      to encourage people to try different games (and different
      opponents) without having a dozen tournaments

      The obvious downsides are that it would be going for several days
      (ideally 3 or more), and it doesn't really have the feel of a tournament.

      Any comments or suggestions?


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