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119[pennsicgames] Classes so far

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  • Mike Knauer
    Apr 22, 2009
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      There is about a week left to submit classes. Here is what we
      have so far:

      Fanarona - Istvan
      Game of the Goose - Istvan
      Tarot: The Card game - Naomi
      Laugh and Lie Down - Naomi
      Losing Loadum - Michel
      The World - Four player backgammon - Michel
      Gleek - Late Renaissance card game - Michel

      Galen: You asked if we had any requests. Both Shogi and Xiang-qi have
      been pretty popular. Atlanbaj is a pretty cool game as well - would be
      fun to see more of it played.

      Tinker: Combining your two classes sounds good. Think you'll want to
      teach it more than once?

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