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117Re: [pennsicgames] Pennsic Game Classes + Tent location

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  • Daniel Adler
    Apr 14, 2009
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      On Apr 14, 2009, at 3:28 PM, Mike Knauer wrote:
      > Greetings Gamers!
      > Only two weeks left to submit your game classes for Pennsic 38. Just
      > go
      > to: http://pennsicwar.org/penn38/AANDS/PENNU/univform.html
      > and fill out the form for each class. Be sure to select "Games" for
      > the
      > Type of Class, so that we can schedule you in the Game Tent.

      I will teach a couple games again this year....any requests? These are
      ones I already have classes written for; some are not really
      appropriate for Pennsic, or better as a one-on-one class (mostly the
      higher level ones - If you're interested, feel free to schedule with

      Kugelach (Jewish Knucklebones for the Overly Dextrous)
      Chess for the Lost Non-Beginner (Western Chess 102)
      The Royal Game for Common Players (Western Chess 201)
      Atlanbaj (Turkish Checkers)
      Shogi for Beginners (Japanese Chess)
      Xiang-qi for Beginners (Chinese Chess)
      Assaulto (a variant of Fox and Geese)
      Nine Men's Morris (okay everything else so far has a description in
      parens, 9MM is lonely. Tic-Tac-Toe on steroids)
      Backgammon for Beginners (Backgammon 101)
      It's Not Just Luck (Backgammon 201)
      Make Your Own Luck (Backgammon 301)
      Byzantine Chess for Beginners
      Rota (Tic-Tac-Toe on fewer steroids)

      Others usually teach the ones I've not listed, Game of Goose, Fanarona,
      card games, Go, Tafl variants, dice games.....I don't plan to teach
      more than 2 or three full classes though, so if you want to teach
      something on my list above, go ahead and speak up!
      > This year the Games Tent is being moved. Instead of our usual spot
      > across from the camp store, we will be in with the A&S class tents.
      > Most likely behind lost and found near where the heralds used to be
      > (it
      > is expected that the heralds will also be moving).
      > I don't know what effects the move will have on us - other then no
      > more
      > ice truck to try and teach over - so I am taking a wait and see
      > attitude
      > with it.

      I'm sure it will be hotter on the Serengeti than it was near all the
      nicely shaded area by the Cooper's store. I suggest requesting water
      be supplied - I believe it already is for the tents where A&S classes
      are held.

      Maybe the tent won't get flooded out when it rains? :+)
      > We still need volunteers to help keep the tent running! If you've got
      > a
      > couple hours for a day or two and want to help out, please let us
      > know.

      I doubt I'll have much time to get there when not teaching though. Not
      sure how many staff I'll have this year.
      > Questions? Comments? Class requests? Great new games that you've
      > unearthed that you want to share with all of us?
      Do people want to run a tournament? More than one? Punt the idea this

      > - Michel
      > __._,
      See you all soon-ish!


      Daniel Adler
      Game Gnight - Games for all Ages
      20 Quaker Ave.
      Cornwall, NY 12518
      (845) 534-8187
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