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111Re: Post-Pennsic 37 notes

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  • Tinker
    Sep 2, 2008
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      And just a FYI..those ubiquitous glass gaming pieces are period
      correct for many games. I've actually started making my own glass
      gaming pieces and sets.

      CLoth boards are period correct as well. I love being able to fold
      up and slap into a bag 30 different games. Or multiple boards to
      teach on. THey are also an inexpensive way to get people interested.
      I give mine away if I see someone really enthused about a game they
      just learned. (I buy linen and cloth napkins at the thrift store for
      pennies apiece and use a sharpie for quick and dirty boards for

      The only suggestion I have for future Pennsics - have a Gaming
      Tourney. Challenge the Knights to a chess tourney. Challenge the
      Norsemen to a Tafl tourney. We could go on and on with time periods
      and personas. Women vs the Men and so on. Start talking to your
      peerage and royalty at home. I know crafstmen in my household and
      Barony would contribute prizes. Games as prizes are nice - but other
      types of prizes may draw more people in.

      My Barony is starting to get behind the idea of having more games at
      their events (finally)

      I'll volunteer to man the tent one night if we try it.

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