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108Re: [pennsicgames] Re: Post-Pennsic 37 notes

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  • James McAdams
    Aug 25, 2008
      Daniel Adler wrote:

      > The problem here, is that the tent's equipment is stored all year out
      > at Pennsic in a household's trailer's extra donated space, so any
      > quality equipment, tables, pillows, etc. would be most likely
      > destroyed. While I do like the idea, I think it will be hard to
      > implement with current budgets and storage options (paper boards are
      > redrawn every year on new paper).

      How are the games/supplies stored overnight, and how much of a
      problem would it be to pull some parts out during the final packing? I
      made some simple go boards this year for teaching, and wouldn't have a
      problem leaving those and stones around during the war, but we shouldn't
      make extra work for the staff either.

      > What may work better, is to perhaps schedule a game-playing night, or
      > even tournaments, at a separate location such as Your Inner Vagabond
      > Coffeehouse, though there may be a problem with young children playing
      > at night.

      I like this idea. If we can get subtle lighting and volunteers,
      would it be possible to have the tent open evenings? Would anyone be
      interested in trying this on Wednesday night?

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