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107[pennsicgames] Re: Post-Pennsic 37 notes

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  • Stephen Tihor
    Aug 14, 2008
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      >Also, I'm wondering if it would be possible to make the period game
      >tent a little more,
      >well, period. It feels a bit off to just have cloth boards (or was
      >it paper? I don't recall)
      >under plastic, with those ubiquitous colored glass beads in plastic
      >storage containers. I
      >realize that this is probably the cheapest way to get a lot of
      >boards and pieces, and no one
      >wants their nice wooden sets to be damaged in the rain, or stone
      >pieces to be lost by kids,
      >but I'm wondering if it would be possible to go for a slightly more
      >period atmosphere.
      >Someone did bring a nice goban with them on Friday, and I
      >appreciated that; would a few
      >people be able to bring some nicer looking or more period games and
      >pieces with them?

      While I am responsible for starting the paper boards and plastic
      covers and colored stones those are baselines to deal with the harsh
      environment and lack of security. If you or others want to
      volunteer to bring lots of wooden boards, 10 or so for each game we
      are teaching, 1 or 2 otherwise plus pieces plus spare piece for the
      ones that get lost in the grass or misplaced year to year I am all
      for using them. Pieces should be heavy enough not to get blown away
      in the wind and weather sealed.
      Things may well last year to year and we are looking into storing
      them with Pennsic supplies as well as an alternate storage box

      So anything that works in our environment is a good idea. I am all for it.
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