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3985RE: Hi there, this is Dan & Dan Farley from NELUG.

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  • Dan Farley
    Nov 10 3:05 PM

      Hi there guys, this is Dan & Dan Farley from, NELUG, while we do not speak for the entire group, this is just information that we would like too pass along too everyone who will be attending, Lego Kidsfest 2011, taken straight from a post of mine from the, NELUG Forums. 

      I have the following information for Holiday Inn Express in Downtown Hartford.

      The more people that stay at this hotel, is 110.00 Per Night. If we can all agree upon staying there, we can get a cheaper rate due to a group discount. My Dad can do the phone calling, but, he needs to know, asap, how many people are interested in staying at this hotel. Other rooms are 350.00+ for the weekend. Parking here is 12.00 Dollars Per 24 Hours. It is roughly, 7 - 8 Blocks, walking distance & then 4 Blocks over, it is an estimate.

      My Dad believes that there is a free shuttle that runs the main streets of, Hartford, at no cost. I think that staying at another Hotel would be more expensive per person. The reasons are as follows as to why we should stay here.

      1. Parking is 19+ Dollars a Day, maybe more.

      2. We're only sleeping at the Hotel for 8 - 10 Hours a day.

      I can't see spending alot of money on a room that we are only going to be using for sleeping in while we are at the Convention Center for most of the day.

      Please contact me at, dansteamer@... or my Dad via cell-phone at, 203-592-9929.

      My Dad needs too know asap, the sooner the better.

      I realize that everyone who is already coming is making there own plans & disusing them, this is just our 2 Cents.

      If you guys find something better, please, let us know, we are not being sarcastic, we would just like to find the cheapest priced hotel possible.

      Thank you for your time,

      -Dan & Dan Farley.

      I hope that this can help you all out, also, my Dad has around 30 of the 12 x 12 Inch Storage Containers for 2 Dollars each, just in case anyone wanted anyway.