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3954PennLUG April Meeting Date Change

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  • Cale
    Mar 28, 2010
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      Due to the LUG Bulk order deadline coming on April 7th and the need to sort out last minute details we will be moving the April meeting up to the 3rd. We will need to cut our parts list down to 50 individual parts for the final order and we will need to make sure all part quantities are in multiples of 50. Base plates are the exception.

      For those that can not make the meeting if it is held on the 3rd. 
      1. Make sure to update your parts on the Bulk list before the meeting.
      2. List the parts you want in order of importance and email your list to me or Dudley so the members at the meeting have some idea of what parts are important to you when we have to make cuts.
      3. Can you be available by phone if needed?
      4. Be prepared to update your quantities by Monday evening at the absolute latest.

      The list of members signed up for this round of LUG Bulk is as follows.

      Cale Leiaphart
      Michael Dudley
      Michelle Dudley 
      Chris Edwards
      Joe McConnell
      KC Ross
      Nathaniel Brill
      David Runyon
      Jame Catagnus
      Michael Macleod
      Eve Macleod
      Josh Sanders
      Kyle Sanders
      Rob Bender
      Brian Brister
      Tony Sties
      Sam Tauser
      Michael Tighe
      Ben Tighe
      Carter Baldwin
      Matt Hocker 
      Peter Morris
      Philip Thorne
      Arthur Stromberg
      Amy Poole 

      I'm not sure when LEGO will send an invoice for the order so If you intend to order parts from LUG Bulk it would be appreciated if you can pay for your order at the meeting. Cost of parts plus 5% for shipping. 

      We will also be discussing Brickmagic and Brickworld at this months meeting. And other activities are stiil on.

      Thank You
      Cale Leiphart