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3947February 6th PennLUG Meeting, Possible Snow Make Up Day.

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  • Cale
    Feb 3, 2010
      If you haven't been watching the weather lately it looks like we may be in for some Snow for Saturday. Possibly as much as 8 to 10 inches if weather reports are to be believed. Of course if the snow misses us then we'll still have the meet this Saturday. But if we do get hit then It would probably be best to postpone to a later date since several members have a long drive.

      So if the weather weenies are right we should probably come up with a backup date. Since Matt Hocker is supposed to host this Saturday we should give him first dibs on a make up date if he can do it. If not then some one else could always host. Any one have a preference on dates?

      You can chime in on the New Forum.


      Cale Leiphart
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