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Re: [peditors] "pasting" only values in Sheet To Go

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  • John Markley
    Quoting fjmancho : ... Yes, that s what I thought too, so part of the
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 14, 2009
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      Quoting fjmancho <fjmancho@...>:

      <<Giant SNIP. Interested lurkers refer to the original.>>

      > That information is *not* in the clipboard and so
      > "/KC /K2cA" doesn't work.
      > That is: there is nothing to take to text capturing (/KC) and therefore
      > nothing to take into $A (/K2cA)
      > That is why in the pScript you can see the following process:
      > Copying from the cell
      > /&menu@ [xxxx]
      > Moving into that cell text field
      > /p13
      > NOTE THAT this step might be different for different app versions.
      > (You might other possibilities
      > /p10 or others). My guess is that the problem of the pScript behavior in
      > newer versions is here.

      Yes, that's what I thought too, so part of the experimenting I did
      before responding was to try variations here. So far no results.

      <<Another SNIP>>
      > It works in my old T3. If you want to risk (which is not needed) and play
      > with it let me now.
      > Jose

      I may do a little more, not sure. If I get a result I'll post back.

      ~ John
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