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Re: [peditors] pToolSet - request a new feature

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  • jmesseder@comcast.net
    I suspected. Thanks. ... From: John Markley ...... Original Message ....... ... Over the top. ~ John ***** via T|X & wifi /Snapper +
    Message 1 of 35 , May 31, 2007
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      I suspected. Thanks.

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      From: John Markley <jmmjr@...>

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      On Thu, 31 May 2007 11:01:18 -0400 J Messeder <jmesseder@...> wrote:

      >Question about v8.11 -- when I get to the machine where I'd read the
      >manual and actually do the install -- will I find I have to delete 8.09,
      >or just load 8.11 over top of it?

      Over the top.
      ~ John
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    • Jerry Gluck
      OK... I hereby undo my seconding of the motion. And good question about Palm... -Jerry ... -- Commonsense is on perpetual backorder... Linux User #165194
      Message 35 of 35 , Jun 3, 2007
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        OK... I hereby undo my seconding of the motion.

        And good question about Palm...


        On Sunday 03 June 2007, Paul Nevai wrote:
        > Dear John & All:
        > On Sat, Jun 02, 2007 at 09:42:10PM -0400, John Markley wrote:
        > > is that it's so good now that folks are having a hard time coming up
        > > with ideas. The best source of good ideas for feature requests are
        > > usually unrequited wants encountered in in-the-trenches real life use.
        > > Apparently all needs are being met. *We can't have this*!! Have to
        > > keep Paul's spectacularly inventive skills honed.
        > > So here's one. I have many times wished for this but never asked
        > > because looking at the form it seemed to me un-doable due to spatial
        > > restraints. But maybe not. Who am I to decide that (ans., not
        > > qualified). Consequently -- Currently pMasterTool has options to be
        > > displayed to right, left, or center. But, how about double-column,
        > > full width of the portait screen. This would give first-look, one-page
        > > access to (nearly) twice as many modules. Could present significant
        > > spatial problems, but who better to solve that than our benefactor who
        > > is entreating for feature requests (and who at this moment is watching
        > > the Cavs led the Pistons, once again, by 3 points).
        > NOTE. Navigating pMasterTool with the 5-way and with the hard buttons is
        > very easy so I really don't see a need for a multi-column solution. I bet
        > most of you never realized this. Bring up pMasterTool and hit the 4th hard
        > button. Hit the first. Do you see what happens?
        > Anyway...
        > Can't be done as a list. Could be done as a regular dialog such as
        > LapTopHack but then (i) this would be a total rewrite of pMasterTool, and
        > (ii) then customized versions would not be available.
        > On the other hand, it can be done as a table [e.g., pedit's ListView is a
        > table], but then (i) this would take months to do, and (ii), most
        > importantly, support and updates for the current version would be
        > eliminated. Supporting 2 separate versions is simply impractical.
        > I'd be willing to implement it if all other feature requests, including
        > bug-fixes were suspended for, say, 4 months.
        > I can't release any bug fix while I am doing a major rewrite.
        > I could freeze pToolSet, no more updates whatsoever, and move on to
        > pToolSet2 [the name pToolSetPro is already taken]. Of course, pToolSet2
        > would require a brand new registration. Plus a brand new manual. This is
        > not something I am not willing to do.
        > What I could do is that I freeze pMasterTool and add pMasterTool2. This
        > would create a lots of unhappy pMasterTool users since new features of
        > pToolSet would not show up in pMasterTool only in pMasterTool2.
        > You see, logistically speaking, I have no idea what could be done.
        > QUESTION. How can we guarantee that Palm will not be out of business when I
        > finish the work?
        > All=my=best, Paul

        Commonsense is on perpetual backorder...
        Linux User #165194
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