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Re: [peditors] pToolSet, pedit. etc.

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  • Neil Smithline
    Perhaps I used the wrong terminology - What I think I meant is the shortcut key. Those are all UC or symbols. The ESC key can be LC. And yes, I understand
    Message 1 of 10 , Oct 29, 2006
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      Perhaps I used the wrong terminology - What I think I meant is the
      "shortcut" key. Those are all UC or symbols. The ESC key can be LC.

      And yes, I understand that the shortcut keys are UC & symbols because there
      are standard LC shortcuts that apply to pMT and other lists that are LC that
      are used for generic lists navigation. What my request is to have a switch
      to change all that. It doesn't sound hard, a simple preference in pMT or
      perhaps somewhere else that says "Invert Case on List Navigation Shortcuts".
      That would switch all shortcuts that are currently UC to LC and vice versa.
      The switch should be universal for list navigation I guess to keep the
      coding simple as well as to keep the UI consistent.

      If there's such a thing as an "official request", I guess that is it. Thanks
      for beating me up until I could get it into a single sentence like that.
      Sometimes I'm better at ideas than English. Not to say that anyone else will
      like my idea but I do suspect it has some appeal to others. As a side note,
      I'd be willing to write an "Alternative Menu Navigation Keyboard Binding
      Proposal for Us Poor-Folk Stuck on Treo Keyboards" if people are interested.
      I'll circulate it, get beaten up - um I mean take input - and see if I can
      work something out. I'm really most interested in helping with this project
      in minor ways (not sure I can give the time to be another John but perhaps
      "Little John" :-)

      The most exciting part about this proposed change is to think of the doc
      changes. I can imagine them now, "Press the 'A' key unless
      (hyperlinked)Such-and-Such setting is set in which case it is the "a" key."
      I so look forward to that part :-)

      While I'm on a rant, I'm going to throw in one more request.

      4) Ability to parse dates & times. What I want is something like:
      /&parseDate[InputString, OutputMonthNumber, OutputMonthName,
      OutputDayOfWeekName, OutputDate, OutputYear, OutputHour, OutputMin,
      OutputWeekOfYear, OutputDayOfYear]
      If the input string is not specified then the current time is used. If any
      output variable is omitted (eg: two consecutive commas) then that output
      variable is just not returned. If the information is not available (eg: a
      date without a time), then -1 will be returned for those values or a null
      string (eg: a time without a date would return a null string for the month
      /&varSet[$A, @@Jan 9, 2006 10:46PM@@]
      /&parseDate[$A, $1, $B, $2, $C, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9]
      $1 will equal "1" for January
      $B will equal "January"
      $2 will equal "2" (the 9'th was a Monday)
      $C will equal "Monday"
      $3 will equal "9" for the 9th
      $4 will equal "2006"
      $5 will equal "22" (24 hr clock seems simpler)
      $6 will equal "46"
      $7 will equal "-1"
      $8 will equal "2" (second week of year)
      $9 will equal "9" (9th day of year)

      I'd be happier to go for some simplifications to this or to have mulitple
      functions that did the parsing. While at least some of this could be written
      in pScript it would take a lot of code and is probably a trivial function to
      implement as (my understanding at least) is that the diffiiculty with the p*
      programs is the integration with the OS and not the internal functions suhc
      as this.

      In case you're wondering what I'd do this for, I want to set calendar items
      (I use BeyondContacts calendar, not the default one) with p* programs. What
      I'd do is have a macro that would go into pMagiPad and inserted the current
      date and time. Probably one that inserts tomorrow at this time, etc... I'd
      then edit that entry then run the second macro which would grab the date &
      time, parse it, walk through the input screens of BeyondContacts and update
      the date and time. Currently I have pretty much everything under control but
      the date and time part. Really need that date parsing (actually I'd really
      like an input box to prompt but I know that is not really possible from a

      On 10/29/06, Paul Nevai <nevai@...-state.edu> wrote:
      > Hi Neil:
      > > And regarding the ESC keys, I would like to be able to name them myself
      > so
      > > they could be pneumonic, but at least making it such that they weren't
      > all
      > > caps, letters, and symbols (all of which are two keys on my treo) would
      > be a
      > > help.
      > The ESC keys can be lower case. Did I misunderstand you? /Paul

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