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Re: [peditors] pilot-link 0.9.5 compiles under Windows with Cygwin

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  • Jesse Jacobsen
    ... This is due to what I would consider a pilot-link advantage over your current Palm desktop (if that s what you re using for backups). Instead of saving
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2001
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      On 12/31/01, Paolo Amoroso wrote:
      > pilot-link:
      > http://www.pilot-link.org
      > is a suite of Unix tools for accessing data on Palm OS devices. Among other
      > things, they allow to download and uploaded databases such as the ones
      > manipulated by pedit. This, in turn, makes it easier to use Jesse
      > Jacobsen's MemoCircus under Windows:
      > http://webpages.charter.net/jmjacobsen/jesse/memocircus.html

      This is due to what I would consider a pilot-link advantage over your
      current Palm desktop (if that's what you're using for backups). Instead
      of saving your Palm databases in a desktop-specific, and
      format-undocumented binary file, pilot-link will grab the *actual*
      database files from your Palm-powered handheld device (hereafter
      designated "palm." ;-). This well-documented binary file format is what
      MemoCircus and several other programs utilize to communicate data to and
      from pedit on your palm. (In fact, as Paul has pointed out many times,
      you can open these files with a desktop text editor and see all your
      memos along with some "garbage" characters.)

      When I first wrote MemoCircus, there was a library in the programming
      language I used for things like palm database manipulation, and even
      communication through the cradle. That library became unsupported for a
      while, then was ceremonially sacrificed by its own author in favor of
      some new, sparkling design. I've heard that his new efforts have
      produced some usable programs, but the number one thing I'm looking
      forward to is the realization of his goal to incorporate this new
      library into pilot-link. With some excitement now, I await my first
      opportunity to see whether the new version will include this new Python
      library. If so, MemoCircus will certainly acquire support for
      direct-to-palm data transmission.

      I've been very busy lately with other things, but if anyone has a
      problem with MemoCircus, I can usually find the time to help. Just
      send me a mail.


      Who's the greater fool: he who believes things he can't understand, or
      he who thinks he can understand all that he believes?
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