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7317Re: [peditors] Re: Design ideas for desktop GUI interface

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  • jesk50@aol.com
    Mar 3, 2001
      In a message dated 3/2/01 3:24:22 PM Central Standard Time, whytcrow@...

      > It's you're own fault. The two of you with such similar names take on
      > similar projects...it's enough to drive any of us crazy

      When I was in undergrad school there was a piano major named Jerry Stauss (I
      majored in music theory but of course I've played piano all my life).
      Because of our position alphabetically in the class roster, we were assigned
      to work as a duet in sight-singing class and neither one of us could match
      pitch at first. Both of us could play by ear so we KNEW how out of tune we
      were--- just unable to correct it. We were quite a pair !!!

      Jerry Skelley
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