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7307Re: [peditors] Re: Design ideas for desktop GUI interface

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  • The White Crow
    Mar 2, 2001
      >I think you meant "Jerry," -- similar, but different. :-)

      It's you're own fault. The two of you with such similar names take on
      similar projects...it's enough to drive any of us crazy (or at least cause
      the occasional misidentification).

      >Personally, I've had the same kind of experience with Java that
      >Jennifer's had. :-( However, if Jerry wanted to write pDesk in Java,
      >I'd be excited to see how it works on Linux!

      See? It isn't just me. Seriously though, Java does tend to work better in
      a unix environment of whatever flavor. THe only time I used Java and was
      happy with it was back when Java first was introduced, and I was playing
      online mahjong written in Java via an SGI. I stopped playing because the
      people on there were jerks, but that's a different story.

      However, I have seen very few if any Java programs that run that well on my
      PC or Mac.

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