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7286Re: Design ideas for desktop GUI interface

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  • Wayne.Hildebrandt@nau.edu
    Mar 1, 2001
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      Humm .. I too have a couple of "creative programs" and I will admit
      that the sudden change in interface (I too have Snappy and I even find
      the newer Windows Media Player distracting - and to be honest the
      newer Palm Desktop Themes to be off too!) keeps me from what I am
      focusing on. In most cases with the Palm, I am moving WORDS and so
      feel an interface should be what ever fascilitates that task. A
      screen with "space" to easily review text, spot errors and see what
      the files are. I sort of have gotten used to Info Select, which
      lists the data and then the text on the other side of the screen.
      Even Eudora has that approach. To me the interface should facilitate
      the main task and be "out of the way". I sort of like the tree-views
      of categories on one side and memos on the right type of thing.

      The peditDesk isn't too bad as a start. But in the windows
      environment (for example), one would like to take advantage of the
      space, the font options, and the ability to get to all your commands
      from keystroke or pull down menus. What you want is for people to be
      able to manipulate their 04 or 32 memos in the most transparent way
      possible. As a long time prof, I am sad to say that most people learn
      and use by copying what they already know and feel famiiar with!

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