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31748Re: [peditors] Increasing internal app storage space in Android with an external SD card

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  • voytekeymont
    Aug 19 3:22 PM
      On Wed, August 20, 2014 5:47 am, dmccunney dennis.mccunney@...
      [peditors] wrote:
      > I mentioned in another thread that I acquired an Android tablet. It's
      > a low end device, and the scarce resource is application storage. It has

      good luck with your Android travels, I still haven't found an efficient
      way to CONVERT UPPER CASE to lower case, as Pedit tools let me do

      on an Android/Palm angle;

      I've installed Handbase on Android, and, made a simple database,
      pleasantly surprised when I copied the file to Palm, Handbase on Palm can
      use database created on Android, well done, Handbase
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