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31740Re: [peditors] Fwd: The $20 Android tablet

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  • voytekeymont
    Apr 30, 2014
      On Thu, May 1, 2014 1:47 pm, dmccunney wrote:

      > I got it to see how it's designed and what it does. I collect text
      > editors, and I'm principal maintainer at a wiki devoted to them:
      > http://texteditors.org

      fwiw, also got Droid Edit Pro (I think it was on special, that's why I
      bought it..)

      > (I have to go through and add entries to the Android Editor Family on
      > the wiki. There are a lot available that don't have entries.)

      > So the tablet uses the phone as a modem?

      no, when there is data request, it turns on WiFi hotspot, afterwards, it
      turns off (I think? )

      > One of the things I'd be interested in is something I haven't seen yet
      > - a cell phone and tablet from the same manufacturer designed to work
      > together. Each can be used separately, but if, for example, you want to
      > connect on the tablet but aren't near a wifi hotspot, it can be tethered
      > to and connect out through the phone.

      my previous (and first) Android phone Moto Atrix had optional 'lap dock'
      that had screen, keyboard and battery, you'd plug in phone into lap dock,
      and, voila, laptop.

      there was a third party Linux build that could be installed, and run on
      the lapdock. but, Motorola wanted around $500 for the lapdock... I picked
      an unwanted one up for around $100. I see ppl use them now as
      display/keyboard for Raspbery or Arduino
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