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31738Re: [peditors] Fwd: The $20 Android tablet

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  • voytekeymont
    Apr 30, 2014
      On Thu, May 1, 2014 10:14 am, dmccunney wrote:

      > What I have installed for further investigation now are the 920 editor
      > and the Jota editor. Both are open source products.

      I have Jota + editor, don't believe I ever used it, must've got it 'just
      in case'

      Installed VimTouch, fwiw, it's from the dev who did 'Keep In Pocket', an
      app that I plan on using - it allows seamless net connection from [larger
      screen] device via mobile phone with data service - not unlike a Palm
      tethered to a cell phone. I only have data service on mobile, not on
      tablet, hence my desire to use the phone data service whilst maximizing
      battery life.

      as for VIM, I was given a brief intro by my friend who setup my dns (long
      time ago), and, all I know is 'Esc : w' which gets me by

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